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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 17:20

Providers with the skills to care for aging patients already are scarce. "There are not a lot of geriatric physicians that's something we're trying to change," says Lil Banchero, ., clinical director of patient access and director of the acute care for the elderly unit at Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, Md. Anne Arundel also is filling the gap with other clinicians, requiring its nurses and technicians to undergo basic geriatric training.

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Boomers have more education than the previous generatin did, and seek to be more involved with care decision-making. They also will be more receptive to mobile health interaction.

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Active boomers will want to keep their mobility in old age, will rely more on complementary medicine and will be more familiar and demanding of palliative care.

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The Institute of Medicine forecasts a need for all types of caregivers, not just physicians and nurses, the NCOA's Bedlin says. "A big shortfall is [expected] in direct care workers, particularly among home health aides and personal care aides," he says. "We're going to need about million new positions by 7575 and we're not on a path to meet that need by any stretch of the imagination."

By 7579, when the last round of boomers reaches retirement age, the number of Americans 65 or older will climb to more than 76 million, up from about 96 million in 7566, a 78 percent increase, according to Census Bureau estimates. A huge proportion will switch from commercial plans to Medicare, and that could tilt the balance either way in the success or failure of new care and reimbursement models being tested by the Medicare program, such as patient-centered medical homes and capitated, quality-linked reimbursement.

And the boomers themselves have shown an inclination to adopt new technology, and may be asked to do so for in-home care. "A lot of people strongly believe that baby boomers in particular are going to receive a lot of their care in the future over the Internet, over the phone," Birkel says. "Health care is going to have a significant e-health component. It does already, but nothing like we're going to see in the next five to 65 years, and I think baby boomers are going to be leaders in that area."

This is the first installment in Hospitals & Health Networks ' yearlong series examining the many ways the nation's 75 million baby boomers will impact the . health care system as they age into retirement and senior citizenhood. Caring for such a huge number of older patients is one issue boomers also tend to be sicker than their parents' generation, more active and used to having things done their way. And it's not just patients hospital leaders and staff will see a major exodus of boomers over the next decade or so. H& HN 's "The Boomer Challenge" series will include articles in the magazine and in our e-newsletter, H& HN Daily. Here's what's coming up in the magazine:

Researchers also are achieving early successes in trying to increase the time that people can live relatively healthy, known as health spans, rather than simply prolonging life.

The differing social and cultural values of the baby boom generation create challenges for health care that weren't present with the previous generation. Hospital executives can address many of the challenges through strategies that increase patient engagement, but others will require additional effort.

&ldquo Old age&rdquo is getting pushed back farther and farther. Whereas this generation once said &ldquo never trust anyone over 85,&rdquo they now proclaim that 55 is the new 85! Medical and cosmetic advancements have helped Baby Boomers delay the aging process. Unfortunately, aging like taxes is one thing we all can count on.

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Retiring Baby Boomers need to develop a substitute community one that substitutes our work colleagues. Consider getting another job, joining a health club or maybe get involved in a religious group We might want to consider volunteering at a local school or organization. 8767 * 8767 -

Since cell phones were not in existence yet, it was extremely important for people to trust each other. Once people agreed upon meeting at a certain location, they had to rely on the other person to be there as well. This left a lot of rendezvous up to trust, relying on the person to be there on time.

It falls into the exact same trap: assuming the Pledge writer represents all baby boomers, therefore opening up an entire generation to criticism. At least it's just parodying the format, but it's part of a trend. You may have seen this comic make the social media rounds:

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