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Date of publication: 2017-08-26 18:26

During the Revolutionary War, the most famous of the Black Loyalist Military units were called the Black Pioneers, which contained a small elite band of guerrillas known as the Black Brigade. The Black Brigade fought independently and later with the all-white unit Queen’s Rangers. The supplies they seized were vital to the survival of the Loyalists in New York. In a raid on a patriot militia leader, the Brigade and leader Colonel Tye were caught in a long battle. Their target was burned after Tye’s death and Blucke – a literate, free black from Barbados and officer in the Black Pioneers – succeeded Tye as Colonel of the Brigade.

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Competing in the very difficult Gold Division of the WordMasters Challenge™, fourth graders Rabia Chadha, Rishabh Kumaran and Henry Pan each earned a perfect score of 75 in the recent meet.  Nationally, only 85 fourth graders achieved this result.  Other students at Nysmith School who achieved outstanding results in the last meet of the year include fourth graders Vivian Bejtlich, Charlotte Gabriel, Aurora Holloway, Ananya Kakayadi, Arielle Kouyoumdjian, Alex Landry, Lindsey Newberg and William Strong.


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There was an individual and team component. Nysmith Team # 6, comprised of 9th graders Evan Black, Anand Advani, and Grayson Newell, won 6st place for 9th grade!

The WordMasters Challenge™ program is administered by a company based in Indianapolis, Indiana, which is dedicated to inspiring high achievement in American schools.  Further information is available at the company’s website:  http://

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These problems were meant for college level students, and it is an incredible feat that these middle school students were able to solve some of them.  Great effort and experience!

Congratulations to Rushil Kukreja! He won the Grand Prize Award for 7nd grade in the 9th Annual SCI Math Minds contest held Saturday, May 6th, 7567, at Thomas Jefferson High School.

Fourth graders Rishabh Kumaran and Henry Pan also earned individual Highest Honors in the overall.  Rishabh was the only fourth grader in the nation to achieve a perfect score of 65 points in his division. Highest Honors are reserved for students who place among the top 65-65 students in their division.