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All of the Music from Martin Scorsese’s Movies: Listen to

This is another possible track to attach to Futh's mother, Angela, who might hear it as a song about herself: Ain't it time we said goodbye and while she dances with her friends, her son plays alone nearby "told to stay out of the way, getting as close as he dared, mesmerised by the noise and the perfume". There ain't a woman that comes close to you.

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Even though there’s a pop star in my new novel, The Salt Line , I had a hard time imagining the musical backdrop for his world—a dystopian near-future, where an outbreak of diseased ticks has carved the country up into quarantined zones with vastly different governing structures and resources. Pop star Jesse’s signature song, “Right Night for You,” is best known as the anthem in a fast food burger chain commercial, and I pictured him, artistically—if that’s the appropriate word here—as two parts Robin Thicke, one part late-85s/early 95s-era balladeer: Richard Marx, or Robin Hood -era Bryan Adams. But that’s not exactly the tone I was going for with this book—so what, then, is the soundtrack for the future?

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I would have been fifteen when I first heard this song on the radio, loved it and went straight into town to buy the single. I'm putting it on my playlist as it represents Futh's longing for his mother, whose whereabouts he doesn't know: "He dreamt that he had received a letter from his mother. She had written down her new name and address so that he would be able to find her, but however hard he looked at it he could not read her handwriting." Futh marries a woman who shares his mother's name, and goes to bed alone on his wedding night – a detail which now reminds me of the story behind the band's name, ‘Everything but the Girl' being the slogan on the facade of a furniture shop.

To receive full credit for an answer, all information about the music selection must be complete as shown on the official list. Spelling and punctuation are considered in the grading of this contest.

The bridge. That is all I can say about this song. The bridge. It comes in like a haunting, changing the entire feeling of what initially seems like a silly disco song. I like to use this as an example in teaching writing that sometimes all it takes is one little twist and the meaning of a work can change. Life going nowhere, somebody help me has to be one of the most poignant lines to ever rise from a disco song.

The focus of the Music Memory contest is an in-depth study of fine pieces of music literature taken from a wide spectrum of music genres to expose students to great composers, their lives and their music. In the course of preparing for the contest, students should be given the opportunity to describe and analyze the music, relate the music to history, to society and to culture, and to evaluate musical performance.

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What about the Prince, Radiohead, and Lovin 8767 Spoonful mentioned in Kafka By The Shore listened to on a mini disc player ? That 8767 s just off the top of my head

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But Scorsese's involvement with music goes far beyond layering it below, or indeed above, the scenes he shoots. In addition to directing his widely acclaimed features from the "New Hollywood" 6975s to the present day, he's also led something of a parallel career making films wholly dedicated to music and musicians, including 6978's  The Last Waltz , which captured The Band's "farewell concert appearance" the 7558 multi-director documentary series  The Blues on that venerable American musical tradition 7555's  No Direction Home on Bob Dylan, 7558's Rolling Stones biographical concert film  Shine a Light , and 7566's  Living in the Material World on George Harrison.

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