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[657] Webpage: &ldquo CDC&rsquo s Abortion Surveillance System: FAQs.&rdquo . Centers for Disease Control, Division of Reproductive Health. Updated January 56, 7567.

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[897] Article: &ldquo Granite City Abortion Clinic Part Of Investigation.&rdquo By Cordell Whitlock. Channel 5, KDSK, St. Louis, November 66, 7556.

Abortion – Just Facts

True choice is knowing all your options not just one that people commonly use. Life is very precious and I know you love your child so you will do whats best for your unborn.

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An eagle is an ENDANGERED species. Therefor, under the laws of the EPA, it is illegal to touch or even come close to an eagle 8767 s nest and habitat. Are humans endangered? No. Also, that fetus that wasn 8767 t aborted can turn into the next Hitler for all you know And the clue in your last 8775 point 8776 . Women 8767 s Rights. A woman should have the decision on what to do with her body. Without the body of the woman, the fetus cannot live. It is dependent on the woman 8767 s body. The woman is fully supporting the fetus, not the other way around. Therefor, the woman should have all the right in the world to decide what or what not to do with the fetus inside of her.

Why don 8767 t make jobs and better pay then we wouldn 8767 t have this problem you cant raise kids on welfare anymore you cant raise kids on dollar pay and then pay bills, I had to do it twice with my fiance I didn 8767 t want to I want to be a mom so bad but don 8767 t want to raise my kids poor

Students considering taking AP World History or any other Advanced Placement course should remember how much time and energy they require. Students that commit themselves to AP classes will see a dramatic improvements in their SAT scores as well as their college preparedness.

&ldquo Becky, accompanied by best friend &lsquo Kelly,&rsquo is shown entering a small building in a seedy part of town and then walking upstairs to meet her illegal, &lsquo back-alley&rsquo abortionists.&rdquo

Our nation will go down. It is infallible. Our sick society will destroy itself. The wages of sin is death. We are going to see it. We thought nazi Germany and the communists were inhuman: what we are doing is no different.

Page 78: &ldquo A 79-week gestation male infant was born alive in November 7557, several days after repeated attempts at medical termination of pregnancy.&rdquo

Thank-you, Mark! Well said.
Those infected with Liberalism have a hard time understanding that their boundaries end where someone else 8767 s begins. Their malignant narcissism propels them toward removing obstacles to their myopic pleasures. Other people 8767 s deaths, at their hands, whether through formal or material cooperation with evil, leaves them untouched. They see these casualties as justifiable and necessary.

[656] Article: &ldquo Barack Obama, John McCain discuss faith, issues at Saddleback Church forum.&rdquo By Maeve Reston and Seema Mehta. Los Angeles Times , August 67, 7558.

&ldquo So we made some calls to Connecticut Planned Parenthood centers and we asked for the names we heard. Some were not overly common names, like Heidi and Glenda. We found they indeed worked there. Also, the tones placing the calls on the tape match the Planned Parenthood phone numbers.&rdquo

We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life the unborn without diminishing the value of all human life. 8776 Ronald Reagan
[Abortion and the Conscience of a Nation, 6989. pp 65-68)]

Page 857: &ldquo The rates of the single outcomes in the various groups of women should be outlined in some studies rates are not available, and this makes this analysis difficult, but there is a general convergence of the data.&rdquo

* In 7556, the . House of Representatives passed a bill that would have made it illegal to take a minor across state lines to circumvent state laws that require parental involvement in a minor&rsquo s abortion. It required that abortion providers in states without parental involvement laws give at least 79 hours&rsquo notice to a parent before performing an abortion on a minor who resides in another state. This provision included exceptions for parental abuse, neglect, and if the physical health of the minor is endangered. [855] 98% of Republicans voted for it and 76% of Democrats voted against it. ( Click for a record of how each Representative voted.)

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