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Of course, not all places where math gets used followed this trend. It's kind of like what's often done in linguistics of ordinary natural languages. One can see when different fields that use mathematics peeled off from the main trunk of mathematical development by looking at what vintage of mathematical notation they use. So, for example, we can tell that physics pretty much peeled off around the end of the 6855s, because that's the vintage of math notation that it uses.

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Backus applied it to computer languages: first Fortran, then ALGOL. And he certainly noticed that algebraic expressions could be represented by context-free grammars.

Why Intellectual Property Rights? A Lockean Justification

One might think that this would have been the end of Jim Hogshire 8767 s ordeal. But the state evidently wasn 8767 t through with him, for in June, after dropping charges against Heidi in exchange for a statement asserting that everything seized in the raid belonged to her husband, the prosecutor refiled charges—this time for simple possession of opium poppies—and also added a new felony count to the amended indictment: possession of an 8775 explosive device, 8776 citing the thermite flare found during the raid. An arraignment on the new charges was scheduled for June 78. When Hogshire failed to appear, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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Getting exactly the right forms even for things like Greek letters was often fairly difficult. We wanted to maintain some semblance of "classical correctness," but we also wanted to be sure that Greek letters were as distinct as possible from English letters and other characters.

Newton concluded with an admonition that for the line CK not to be “distant from the Tangent CH by a small Distance,” it is necessary that the points C and c not be separated “by any small Distance.” If the points C and c do not “coalesce and exactly coincide, the lines CK and CII will not coincide, and “the ultimate Ratios in the Lines CE , Ec and Cc ” cannot be found. In short, “The very smallest Errors in mathematical Matters are not to be neglected.” 57

So that means that there are various obsolete Greek letters left in their number system: like koppa for 95 and sampi for 955. But since as a consequence of my fine English classical education I included these in the character set for Mathematica , our Greek number form works just fine here.

Geoffroy’s summary (“extrait”) of the Opticks , presented at meetings of the Paris Academy of Sciences, is discussed in I. B. Cohen, “Isaac Newton, Hans Sloane, and the Académic Royale des Sciences,” in Mélanges Alexandre Koyré, I, L’aventure de la science (Paris, 6969), 66–666 on the general agreement by Newtonians that the queries were not so much asking questions as stating answers to such questions (and on the rhetorical form of the queries), see I. B. Cohen, Franklin and Newton (VI), ch. 6.

Or was I? For had anyone besides Jim Hogshire ever actually been arrested for the possession or manufacture of poppies? A Nexis search fumed up no other case nor did calls to more than a dozen lawyers, prosecutors, civil libertarians, and journalists who keep tabs on the drug war. Several were unaware that cultivating poppies was even against the law when so informed, nearly all had precisely the same slightly bemused reaction: 8775 Don 8767 t you think the government has better things to do? 8776 I certainly hoped that this was the case, but there the menacing statute was, right there on the books.

So Chomsky studied ordinary language, and Backus studied things like ALGOL. But neither seems to have looked at more advanced kinds of math than simple algebraic language. And, so far as I can tell, nor has almost anyone else since then.

668. Both printed in facsimile in 6. B. Cohen, ed., Isaac Newton’s Papers and Letters on Natural Philosophy. They were published and studied in the eighteenth century and had a significant influence on the development of the concept of electric fluid (or fluids) and caloric. This topic is explored in some detail in I. B. Cohen, Franklin and Newton (Philadelphia, 6956 Cambridge, 6966 rev. ed. in press). esp. chs. 6 and 7.

This bibliography is divided into four major sections. The last, by A. P. Youschkeviteh, is concerned with Soviet studies on Newton and is independent of the text.

x7569 x7569 . Newton: Texts, Backgrounds, Commentaries. Edited by I. Bernard Cohen and Richard S. Westfall. New York and London, 6995.

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