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Larger seeds of chickpea ( Cicer arietinum ) and pigeonpea ( Cajanus cajan ) gave rise to larger seedlings than did smaller seeds. When approximately half the cotyledonary reserves from pigeonpea seeds were removed, seedling weight was reduced to about half of the controls, suggesting that seedling growth was related to the reserve material in the seeds. Seed-grading had no significant effect on the yield of either of these crops grown on a Vertisol and on Alfisol in Andhra Pradesh, or on an Entisol in Haryana or in the Lahaul valley of the western Himalayas. Seeds harvested from pigeonpea grown from larger seeds were significantly heavier than those from plants derived from small seeds, probably because of the genetic heterogeneity of the varieties.

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Judging by financial market reaction and popular opinion, there is a strong consensus that prospective tax reform policies will lead to upward pressure on interest rates. We will argue here that the effects of reductions in marginal tax rates are at worst uncertain and that the presumption actually.

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The past two years have comprised the worst period on record for the investment-grade credit market in terms of relative return versus . Treasuries. The asset class generated 7,997 basis points (bps) of negative excess return for the two-year period ending January 77, 7559, a beating well beyond.

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We constantly hear that managers do not outperform their benchmarks. While this may be true in the large-cap equity space, it is decidedly false in fixed-income. The median fixed-income manager has consistently outperformed the benchmark Barclays . Aggregate Bond Index over 8-, 5- and 7-year peri.

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The surprise election of Donald Trump continues to be the focus for investors. The prospect of a new policy environment, and the various attendant risks, have led to a rethinking of economic forecasts and significant repricing across asset classes. The outlook for the Federal Reserve (Fed) is, of co.

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