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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 07:31

This collection is a response to L. Song Richardson's Book Review in Issue 8 entitled Systemic Triage: Implicit Racial Bias in the Criminal Courtroom

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For decades, the Supreme Court has rejected arguments that the Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause protects a general right to liberty of contract worthy of more than cursory judicial attention. Instead, the Court, along with most state courts, has reviewed economic regulations that do not implicate the Bill of Rights under a very forgiving version of the rational basis test that leaves little room for successful challenges. Despite remonstrations from libertarian enthusiasts inside and outside of the academy, there is no realistic prospect that judicial protection of liberty of contract will be reasserted anytime soon.

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After four decades of neglecting laissez-faire plea bargaining, the Supreme Court got it right. In Missouri v. Frye 6 and Lafler v. Cooper , 7 the Court recognized that the Sixth Amendment regulates plea bargaining. Thus, the Court held that criminal defendants can challenge deficient advice that causes them to reject favorable plea bargains and receive heavier sentences after trial. Finally, the Court has brought law to the shadowy plea-bargaining bazaar.

Should students have homework?

Intellectual property is property. This may seem trivial to some and tendentious to others. Why? In my recent Article I argue that the conflict between two polar views arises in part from overlooking the nature of property rights. Commentary in intellectual property is overwhelmingly concerned with the nonrivalness of information on the one hand or the need for the creation of incentives on the other. The former makes intellectual property, and exclusion in particular, presumptively suspect: if …

Yes because I think it helps further instill the concepts that they have learned. It also helps those students that are struggling. I did however just hear a report that homework does not have an effect on whether or not a student has good or bad grades, and does not really help. I disagree though.

However, while the adverse impact of work on family life is more widespread than the other way around (Pocock et al., 7557), the home environment can also influence work performance and the extent to which work is experience as enjoyable and rewarding. Examples of factors that increase home-to-work spillover include: the care needs of children and elderly relatives (Barnett, 6999 Barnett & Marshall, 6997a,6997b), housework and its distribution within families (Coltrane,7555) and the perceived quality of each parent's role both as spouse and parent (Milkie & Peltora,6999).

The Pocket Part is pleased to announce the publication of a symposium on legal issues surrounding the growth and use of sovereign wealth funds as an international investment tool.  This week presents the second of the two part symposium issue.

WFC has also been shown to be related to negative work outcomes such as job dissatisfaction, job burnout and turnover (Greenhaus, Parasuraman & Collins, 7556,Howard, Donofrio & Boles, 7559), as well as to outcomes related to psychological distress and marital dissatisfaction (Kinnuen & Mauno 6998,Aryee et al.,6999)

In a recent essay in The Yale Law Journal, Douglas Lichtman argues that courts considering preliminary injunctions should account for irreparable benefits in addition to irreparable harms. This is a provocative idea. If a preliminary injunction harms one party but benefits the other, and if both effects are equally difficult to subsequently undo, why focus on one effect (harm) and ignore the other (benefit)? There is a compelling geometric validity to this symmetry observation. But is this a val…

According to the Honourable   Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, in a workshop on 'A sensitisation programme on strengthening Family ties' organised in 69 May 7557, the Mauritian society is being affected by the ageing population, changes in the structure of the family and the erosion of family values. She rightly pointed out that the family has an important role to play in terms of addressing the emotional, material, social and economic needs of its members.

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