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The integrity puts a responsibility on the organizations in which they cannot change, customise or personalize any information that is provided to them. The organizations are legally bound to keep the information to them. Integrity can be violated if the message has been changed. It is organizations' responsibility to keep all the information to them as it has been provided to them.

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This is one of the most effect techniques of decision making. It is combined with the parallel thinking. It requires a group of individuals which think in a combined and prolonged way to reach to the decision making.

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This report is divided into two parts. The first part will explain how a standard costing system works and how a variance analysis is used properly. Furthermore, the statement “Standard Costing and Variance Analysis are appropriate to any type and size of organisation” will be critically evaluated. The second part determines factors, which must be considered in the decision-making process. In addition, four scenarios of decisions will be provided and analysed.

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Obstetric Complications in Rural Bangladesh: Risk Factors for Reported Morbidity, Determinants of Care Seeking, and Service Availability for Emergency Obstetric Care

Title : The Correctional Orientation Of “Child Savers: The Level, Sources, and Impact of Support For Rehabilitation Among Juvenile Corrections Workers
Author : Kristie Blevins, .

Title : Correctional Program Integrity and Treatment Effectiveness: A Multi-Site, Program-Level Analysis
Author : Christopher Lowenkamp, .

Understanding Fertility Desires and Intentions Among Women Living with HIV, and Implications For Comprehensive Reproductive Health Services in Baltimore.

Video format is one of the most expensive formats to offer information but it is easy to access by masses. Video format is in easy reach of many and preferred by most. It is considered more effective than audio. It is more interactive than print but it has a shorter life than and less concreteness than print format.

Title : Social Conditioning of Police Officers: Exploring the Interactive Effects of Driver Demographics on Traffic Stop Outcomes
Author : Robert Tillyer, .

If management information system is utilized in an effective manner, it can make business operations more efficient and it would reduce the risk of wrong decision making. Information empowers people and correct and effective form of information benefits the organization by empowering the employees that would improve their performance and performance of the organization as a whole. There are high chances of rise in productivity if the management information system is implemented effectively.

Data can be qualitative or quantitative of a collection of both. Such qualitative and quantitative data is attributed to a variable or different set of variables. Data is obtained on the bases of different variables depending on the nature of the data. Data is collected in a large form and then information and knowledge are filtered from the data to support in decision making.

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