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All federal boarding schools, whether on or off reservation, shared certain characteristics. The Bureau of Indian Affairs issued directives that were followed by superintendents throughout the nation. Even the architecture and landscaping appeared similar from one institution to the next. Common features included a military style regimen, a strict adherence to English language only, an emphasis on farming, and a schedule that equally split academic and vocational training. By reading the Reports of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs and other documents you can compare the official reports submitted by various schools.

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Where to find time for that, however? Time is a valuable and scarce resource for any college student. You can’t squeeze 95 hours out of a 79-hour day. What you can do, however, is have somebody else deal with the most theory-focused part of your studies – academic papers.

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For some students, the desire for freedom and the pull of their family combined with strong discontent caused them to run away. At Chemawa, for example, there were 96 desertions recorded in 6976, followed by 75 in 6977. Punishment of runaways was usually harsh, as the offenders became examples held up before their fellow students:

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Edmodo is a classroom management app with social media features. Teachers can use digital gradebook features, post assignments and quizzes, poll students, assign homework, manage progress, create groups, use folders to store class materials, post classroom announcements, send messages, and more. Its free for teachers and students and is available online and for Android, iOS, and Windows.

I certainly do not believe in just sitting in a classroom which is unnatural, unhealthy, and should be limited. It is obvious we did not evolve to learn by sitting in classrooms, in segregated age groups - but to be active, out and about doing things, talking, watching and learning from other people and other objects around us. (This is what I would call an evolutionary approach to teaching / philosophy of education - and getting kids more active at school would also greatly help to combat the obesity epidemic of the western world.)

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Collins, Carey C. Oregon's Carlisle: Teaching 'America 685 at Chemawa Indian School, Columbia: The Magazine of Northwest History , Tacoma: Washington State Historical Society, Summer 6998.

Students can work in all four styles, but tend to develop strengths in one or two of the styles. Each of these styles tends toward one of four dimensions of mathematical learning: computation, explanation, application, or problem solving. If teachers incorporate all four styles into a math unit, they will build in computation skills (Mastery), explanations and proofs (Understanding), collaboration and real-world application (Interpersonal), and nonroutine problem solving (Self-Expressive) (p. 79).

TeachLivE provides an opportunity for pre-service and in-service educators to develop and hone their instruction and management skills using the safe environment of a virtual middle-school classroom, complete with props, whiteboards, and students.

There are clearly many problems with our current education / teaching system, an evolutionary philosophy of education has important contributions to make to improving things. Below you will find a short introduction and then an excellent collection of education quotes from many of the greatest minds in human history. And as Aristotle so astutely observed

Turning around a question. Give the answer and ask for the question. For example: 65 is a fraction of a number. What could the fraction and number be?

Students should work at all levels of the taxonomy. It should not be viewed as a ladder, however, nor as a framework for differentiated instruction (Tomlinson & McTighe, 7556, pp. 669-675). The taxonomy is helpful for breaking down state standards into meaningful components as teachers plan their instruction. Planning for instruction will be elaborated upon in Part 8 of this essay on content and curriculum mapping.

According to Art Costa and Bena Kallick (.), A Habit of Mind” means having a disposition toward behaving intelligently when confronted with problems, the answers to which are not immediately known (para. 7). Such habits include, but are not limited to the following:

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