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At A7, as at AS, teachers have the freedom to make appropriate choices of texts for both units at A7 in order to construct a coherent course of study. Teachers have the option of linking Units 8 and 9 thematically.

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b) Write Serena Joy's account of The Ceremony, creating Serena Joy's voice, capturing Atwood's style and tone and building on Atwood's realisation of the character.

BBC - GCSE Bitesize - Othello

Question 7 will invite candidates to compare two items (of the remaining two genres). Candidates will use their wider reading on the theme of love through literature to inform their interpretations.

William the Conqueror defeats King Harold, then turns to Dover. He takes the town, burns it, and builds fortifications there, before heading to London for his coronation.

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The texts will be chosen by the teacher and candidate to reflect a shared theme. Choices of texts and tasks will be made by the teacher and candidate, subject to the approval of the consortium adviser.

6577E - Enriched Introduction to English Literature
This course provides an enriched survey of the major genres, historical periods, and critical approaches to English for students with a particular interest in literature and culture. In lecture and small group tutorials, you will study poetry, prose, and drama with special emphasis on developing superior analytical and writing skills. 7 lecture hours, 6 tutorial hour, course

8875G - Modernism and the Birth of the Avant-Garde
Fascinated by innovation and revolution, modernism is obsessed with the new, celebrating the speed, alienation, and fragmentation of modernity. Yet it is also steeped in nostalgia, in a world dashed by modernity itself. This course offers a range of texts that explore modernist re-imaginings of art, politics, psychology and identity. 8 hours, course

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For Unit 9 (coursework) teachers will help candidates to select three texts with a shared theme. One text will be a Shakespeare play the other two texts will be wider reading texts of any genre. Candidates will write an extended comparative essay on the three texts.

After King John reneges on Magna Carta, Prince Louis of France invades England and besieges Dover Castle. It is successfully defended by a few hundred men.

8886G - Adapting Shakespeare
Shakespeare invented few of the plots of his plays instead he used others 8767 writing. Later artists (including stage and film directors, playwrights, and novelists) have likewise drawn on Shakespeare's plays as inspiration. This half-course explores this range of 8775 Shakespearean adaptation 8776 through close study of two or three major plays. 8 hours, course

The three texts assessed through wider reading are studied with the equal depth that close reading requires and promotes. Where extracts are chosen to supplement the core texts, candidates' grasp of overview will necessarily operate differently when a range of extracts is chosen rather than the specific context of a whole text.

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