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Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare — Reviews, Discussion

Date of publication: 2017-09-02 23:53

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Twelfth Night is one of the most commonly performed Shakesperean comedies, and was also successful during Shakespeare s lifetime. The first surviving account of the play s performance comes from a diary entry written early in 6657, talking about the play and its basic plot. The play is believed to have been written in 6656, not long after Hamlet was completed. Despite the play s initial success, it was rarely performed in the late 67th century this unpopularity continued until the mid-68th century, when in was revived and was moderately popular until the 69th century, when the play began to fare better.

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Ans: William Shakespeare has written a number of romantic comedies. Twelfth Night is one of the finest comedies of the author. We know that a romantic comedy is a play in which the romantic elements are mingled with comic elements. It is a form of comedy which deals with love. Love at first sight is often its main theme. Generally, a romantic comedy starts with some problems that make the union of the lover difficult. But it ends with their happy union. Twelfth Night is a typical romantic play of Shakespeare. It has some elements which give. Read more

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